Bernard Quetchenbach


Bernard Quetchenbach’s most recent book is Accidental Gravity.  He is the author of poetry collections including The Hermit’s Place and Everything As It Happens. His poems, essays, and articles have appeared in a variety of books, journals, and anthologies; recent work can be found in Poems Across the Big Sky II , Unearthing Paradise, Birdsong, and The Ecopoetry Anthology.

Two of the essays in Accidental Gravity have been designated as Notable Essays by Best American Essays; one was featured on the NPR show Living on Earth. He has degrees in creative writing (SUNY Brockport) and American Literature (Purdue University) and teaches in the Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages at Montana State University Billings. He is currently editing The Bunch Grass Motel: The Collected Poems of Randall Gloege, forthcoming from the University of Montana Press.